Basma Ashworth

A Colourist, Painter and textile artist.

The brilliant combination of colour, light, texture, translucency and line are central aspects of her work. As a Cornwall artist she draw inspiration from the surrounding landscape and unique natural light.

Her work is always related to the process of painting rather than the image. The artwork emerges from the interaction of marks she make on the surface with the colours and textures she uses.

Quote “My relationship with the surface has a major influence on the way I make the work.  What I paint has a lot to do with layering and finding paths inside shapes; the colour and lines describe my journeys through life to reach this stage as a Cornwall artist. For example, the journey between two very different and yet, in many ways similar cultures. It is a combination of being physically in one place and with the memory of another.

An Assyrian Born in a little village in Kurdistan area on the border between Iraq and Turkey.

Moved to UK 1977 to study chemical engineering at UMIST. Post graduate degrees, MSc and PhD in Manchester.

Worked as a conservation scientific officer for nature conservancy council for 10 years

Worked in Australia, and Latin America. Travelled widely glob trotting.

Went back to college to study art 1997 finished her study and got her degree from Falmouth College of art.

Her work is collected by private and corporate clients